FRAME Art Fair Basel 2019

The second edition of FRAME 2019 will take place at Basel Art Center, Riehentorstrasse 31, CH 4050 Basel.


FRAME Art Fair Basel 2018 begins on the 10th of June with a private VIP opening and closes at 5 pm on the 17th of June.

Initiated and curated by Bertrand Scholler from 55 Bellechasse Gallery in Paris, this exceptional alternative new space will feature international galleries and artists with special guests BillyBoy* & Lala. Throughout that time, operating tours will be scheduled to best suit the visitors' needs and so as to provide immersive activities like round the table discussions, performances art, conferences, private visits with artists and so on.

Details available from www.FRAME-Art-Fair.com
Contact: Bertrand@FRAME-Art-Fair.com  -   Article soon on this site.
Photo BillyBoy* & Lala ©2018. Model Tiago Gigon.


In November 2017 BillyBoy* Surreal Bijoux sold at Christie's in Art as Jewellery on line auction included a Joan of Arc necklace worn by Andy Warhol. Reviews in VOGUE and TOWN & COUNTRY.


The highly personalized memoirs of BillyBoy* which starts with the author's discovery, at age fourteen, of a hat by Schiaparelli in a Paris fleamarket. This somehow esoteric encounter of a an eccentric hat by Schiaparelli led her to become his life-long hero. From his childhood as an adopted orphan In New York and his teenagehood as a "Young Queen in Manhattan" to London and Paris, the author takes the reader in a metaphysical journey through Fashion and Art. Searching for Schiaparelli, truly indeed: meeting all kinds of people, from artisans to celebrities, who all had something to do or say about her, while creating his own artistic universe, BillyBoy* shares his vast knowledge of the subject and his own insights on the world of fashion, with this unequaled passion for the creative mind of Schiaparelli and the times she expressed so well. This experience definitely transformed his life and turned him into an expert of her history and without a doubt the biggest private collector of her creations.
The book reads in two parts and can by carried anywhere. The Sleeping Blue color of the cover - another color invented by the genius creator of the famous Shocking Pink - is a reference to the namesake Sleeping de Schiaparelli perfume bottle packaging. The title is a spiritual jeu de mots referring to her autobiography Shocking Life.
Edited and with an introduction by Jean Pierre Lestrade his life-long parter - Foreword by Jean L. Drusedow. Rizzoli Ex Libris, 384 pages / 8 pages photos. Available on AMAZON.


Larraby Blaine, Esq - Contemporary Art - will present the works of artists BillyBoy*& Lala, as well as BillyBoy* and Lala separately with an exclusive selection of artworks available for collectors. Also a fine selection of Design, Decorative Arts and Pop Culture objects. Opening  2017.

New Updates


Including Alaïa - Azzaro - Balmain - BillyBoy* - Cardin - Chanel - Courrèges - Dior - Galliano - Givenchy - Grès - Gucci - Lacroix - Lanvin - Louboutin - Revillon - Rykiel - Saint Laurent - Scherrer - Schiaparelli - Ungaro - Valentino - Vuitton - Worth and more.
Expert: Pénélope Blanckaert
Contact: Elisabeth Telliez + 33 (0) 1 42 99 16 59/20 16. 
THE LOTS ARE VISIBLE ON www.artcurial.com

THE LALA HOUSE - A 19th-century Family Doll's House

Discover the amazing Lala House, an antique 19th-century doll's house from the collection of BillyBoy* & Lala. Beautifully photographed in every detail, this book, dedicated to the memory of Vivien Greene, this book will enchant those interested by the subject of antique doll's houses, antiques in general as well as decoration at large. A unique approach which sounds like a metaphysical experience. The book is available on BLURB. See detailed article on Fondation Tanagra.


Collector of high fashion and expert in the fashion history,  BillyBoy* has been devoted for nearly four decades on the work of his muse, Elsa Schiaparelli.  His biography , tittle "Frocking Life" will be published by Rizzoli International Publishers in Spring 2016.
From the early age of 12, when he discovered a Schiap "mad cap" until today, the exceptional itinerary of a genuine dandy du siècle, from New York to London and Paris.  Sharing his passion and masterly knowledge on the work of one of the major contributors to the history of haute couture, BillyBoy* unveils his experiences as a collector, historian, creator and artist, and all the people he met through a serie of exceptional portraits, with a witty and sharp sense of humor. In the meantime, see article on the site of the Fondation Tanagra.

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